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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  May 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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in just one hour, some 40,000 people will be pounding the pavement for the blue cross broad street run. we'll take you live along the course all morning long. it won't be hot today. the runners will have to contend with the rain. a system is moving through our area and with it will come showers. now to a live look outside, we're tracking the chilly and wet conditions along the race route. this is nbc 10 news today, thank
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you for being with us on this day. we're looking at a soggy sunday, that means a wet run for tens of thousands of people getting ready for the blue cross broad street run. you know what, michelle, it may be wet and rainy, but they're spirits are high. >> that's right, they're so excited about this race. ten miles, they will get there fine, they just need to layer up and keep the water off of them. steady rains in the next couple hours, we're going to track this for you and hopefully it is not too chilly of a rain. 40 degrees right now in delaware, 47 in the lehigh valley. we head into philadelphia, suburbs at 48 degrees in give. the temperatures will not go
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that far. we will see them into the 50s later on this afternoon. as we go towards this afternoon, a lehigh valley at mid 50s. 58 in philadelphia as well with rain falling. you will need the umbrella all day long. this is what is looks like on the radar right now. we have pockets of heavier rain. where you see the yellow we're seeing heavier downpours. for the most part, a rain event, but some thunder later on. . excuse me. zooming in here, pockets of heavier rain. you see the rain here, we go down to the south and east. we're going to see from time to time yellow popping in. also just to the west of and as
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we go throughout the afternoon we will see it working through if will take awhile to get through. it will move off to the north and east. rain this afternoon and this evening into the early part of monday, and then the shower potential on tuesday. we have green on the map in the next couple hours around 9:30 is that rain. as we go toward the later part of the afternoon, rain still falling and that is the story throughout the afternoon. we'll track this for you along with chances for rain falling. we will be warming up, so we'll be tracking temperatures too. >> thank you, michelle. taking a look at our nbc 10 count down clock, we're less than an hour from the start of the blue cross broad street run, it is finally here. katie zachary is at broad and fisher, the start of the 10-mile
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race. >> that's right, people have been training for this for months. joining me now is one of those runners who has been training for awhile, this is your 5th year running? >> yes. >> your 5th year running in a kilt? >> no, my third year running in a kilt. i asked how comfortable can that really be? >> it is extremely comfortable, i'm wearing shorts underneath. so i'm like any other runner out there. >> and today you have extra prosection from the rain, the extra layer, right? >> tell me who you are running for. >> i run for the american cancer society. this year i run for all of those who can't run because they had, have, or lost someone to cancer. i'm running for my wife's grandfather in particular this year after passing away from cancer. so it means a lot to us this year. >> what is one of the best
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things about this race that you can tell people? >> the crowd support, the music you hear, the high fives, the free hugs, you name it. >> do you have time to accept hugs when you're running? i always accept hugs. >> stay with me, i want to tell everyone at home, if you're still trying to get out here, one of the pieces of advice is stay away from anything painted on broad street. the traffic lines, the crosswalk lines, they're extra slippery, did you think of that? >> i did. paints surfaces can be very slippery. if you don't have the right shoes, you could be in danger. >> also stay towards the center of the street, you don't have the rain to run in as much and you're not on a slope. >> good luck and thank you. good job running for american
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cancer society. >> for sure. new from overnight, two people were hurt in this crash in port richmond. we're working to find out the victim's conditions. no word on that yes. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. new information this morning on a man's body found outside of a target store in king of prussia. we learned that police started searching for him after he was reported missing yesterday. police say there are no signs of foul play. they are not releasing his identity until his family is notified. >> police are looking for a rob near got away with about $500
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from the police and fire federal credit union. he handed over a command note. it happened at the branch in northeast philly. >> closing arguments are expected tomorrow in the trial of a man accused of strangling a local college student. he is charged for the death of carli hall. he claims he only pushed her, but did not try to kill her. family and friends of a murdered philadelphia mother are calling for justice as police continue do search for her killer. operation save our city held a
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rally yesterday. police believe the mother was shot execution style as her 2-year-old daughter stood near by. 7:08 right now on this sunday. president obama drops the mic at his final white house correspondents dinner. >> obama out. >> we'll hear some of the presidential zingers aimed at the candidates. >> another union votes down a tract for new jersey transit workers. and we're bringing you all of the action from the 37th annual blue cross broad street run. shortly tens of thousands of runner wills be taking off on that 10-mile trek.
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>> okay, we're back on this wet sunday morning, and a chilly one. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. rain falling all across the area. a big system coming back and this will take alittle while to work it's way through. fli in addition to the wet weather it is chilly.
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zooming in a little closer, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. 48 we're tracking rain across the area. every spot in our area seeing that rain falling, even pockets of heavier rain with the yellow popping into the happen. right here chester seeing heavier rain. for the most part, this is light stuff and we will keep it light throughout the next couple hours. still we could see pockets of heavier rain. by 10:00 in philadelphia, 52. and by 6:00 it will be 57 degrees. tracking more showers tomorrow. also in the next several days. >> the will will play a role in today's blue cross broad street
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run. we're live up and down the course as the race is set to begin in just under an hour. nbc 10 tracey davidson has a great view of the upcoming action. we'll check in with her, next. also ahead, deadly flooding in texas claims the lives of a woman and her four great grandchildren. and the south is not even in the clear yet. we'll take you there after the break.
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we are getting closer to the start of the blue cross broad street run.
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tracey you have someone with you. >> yes, race director mr. marino. >> yes, good morning, beautiful weather today. >> how does the rain change because of the weather challenge. >> we try to get bigger tents for the workers. we have ponchos for all of the workers. we have heat blankets for some of the runners as they finish. >> and you knew it was coming. easy to plan for. >> you talk about problems for the corrals. >> yeah with 40,000, we all want to go at the same time. we just set up the corral
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problem to pace themselves 6:00 milers, here, and duo it based on their anticipated times. that is basically what they're tells us they can run it in. but then they want to run with a friend, we have people checking in, but when you have 40,000 people that want to go at the same time, we try to manage the best we can. >> and i would be remiss if i didn't say this race is in tribute to joe cook. >> yes, my mentor. he passed away the last year and the race is in his memory this year. a wonderful soul. it is joe's race and i am just the torch bearer from this point on. >> thank you, jim, good luck. >> this rain doesn't seem to be bothering anyone here. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. that is such a good attitude. just enjoy the race and the rain. it's not the sweltering temperatures that we had a few years ago at least. we'll continue to track rain all morning long into the afternoon and evening hours. there will be wet roadways. a soggy sunday. temperatures in the 40s. you will need to layer up this morning. showers on monday and tuesday, lots of chances for your umbrella to get a workout this week. and despite the showers we'll be warming up in the mid to later part of the week. we're looking at unionville. 44 in a lot of places too.
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so it feels a little colder than that when you get out there. you're waking up in noon town. now radar we're tracking that rain and we're tracking an easterly flow. the winds not so bad right now. that is a cooling direction. we will be chilly and damp anything to the low pressure system that is bringing us rain. it is really the direction that is bringing us that cold air. doppler radar showing us rain falling, steady rain falling in a lot of spots. if not pockets of heavy year rain for the yellow. it will stretch back and it will move us through. we will bring you the forecast all through this sunday, monday, and tuesday. future cast going out here. pockets of heavier rain at time. this is at 10:30. through the afternoon we break
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it up just a bit. periods of rain in the afternoon. philadelphia still seeing rain, rain later on tonight and into your overnight hours. so getting back to work on monday, you may see showers as well. this is 10:30. drying with sunshine down to the west. showers on monday and tuesday. the next five days we're warming up. by tomorrow, 70 and 63 on tuesday with a chance of showers. closer to norm on wednesday and thursday. >> well, we have some rain, but certainly nothing like this. more rain and tornadoes in the south. six victims are dead now and found in the flooding. a 30-year-old man was swept under the flood waters in
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palestine. and a grandmother and her four great grandchildren were killed. >> the water got too strong for her. >> meanwhile in lindale text, a train -- drainpipe was pushed into a road that split. coming up, you better bring your sense of humor if you're a guest at the white house correspondents dinner in washington. >> when asked if you want steak or fish, a bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. how president obama burned donald trump. plus gamers you night. what philly tech week is all about.
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7:25 right now on your sunday. the blue cross broad street run will start in about 40 minutes. ponchos are on, the rain is coming down. the first alert radar shows a large system that will be with us for a little while. we'll have details on the weather where you live. >> in other nice, two unions representing the conductors have voted down a new contract. new negotiations will be necessary. njt officials say 14 unions have ratified the contract negotiated in march. leaders say they're willing to
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talk with the unions that are trying to come to a deal. right flow is a 60 day cooling off period in effect. this will prevent a strike or lock down. >> now to the financial crisis in atlanta city. tomorrow is when a $2 million bond payment is due. the city will like ly be able t come up with that monday. no city in new jersey has defaulted on debt since the depression in the 1930s. >> philly tech week is under way. it started last night. visitors played locally designed games, used 3-d printers. it runs through next saturday. we're getting very close to
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the start of the blue cross broad street run. ca katie zachary is live right there. >> the rain is picking up, the excitement is building. we are approaching the 8:00 start time. you see a lot of motivated runners despite the rain. a lot of challenges this weather poses and we'll have a live report coming up. >> it is like a sea of ponchos. they will need them in the next several hours. we will be tracking rain in the next couple hours it is a gray dreary day, a chilly start, your full forecast is coming up.
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rain or shine the stage is set for the blue cross broad street run in just about a half hour from now. tens of thousands of runners will pound the wet pavement. >> we are tracking showers on this race day. you can see it is not going anywhere soon. how long it will last and what it means for your neighborhood coming up. >> let's look at the starting line of today's race. everyone is getting ready, getting into their corrals, and they are dressed for this weather. we're in for a soggy sunday, but it will not dampen their spirits. welcome back, it is 7:30 on this sunday, let's get right to michelle grossman, just a moment ago, we heard that it is
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starting to pick up right there in logan. >> yeah, we're seeing a little ponding on the roadways. and it is steady right now, a sea of ponchos. the rain is here. unfortunately the chilly rain as well. here is what it looks like on radar. so those runners will have to contend. we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. zooming in closer, and 46 degrees in society hill. so we have steady rain falling. we have pockets of rain showing up. the runner wills have to contend by that as well.
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a steady shield of rain this afternoon. we could hear a little thunder as we go through the afternoon hours. a lot of yellow. probably seeing that rain picking up right now. your forecast for today, temperatures staying put if the 50s. typically around 68 degrees. 52, 55 by 6:00 and the same story in the lshsehigh valley. >> thank you for that, michelle. we're just minutes from the start of the blue cross broad street run at 8:00. the runners not only had to prepare for the run, but they had to plan for the elements.
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>> that's right, these elements are not really what anyone wanted on race morning. they came prepared behind me. getting a group picture before going into their corrals. beyond them, on the other side to the left here, you can see a number of spectators are here, too. so it is making them enthusiastic. the rain and the weather would deter a number of spectators from coming out and that is a huge part of this philadelphia run. and if we swing our camera to the right, you see our live coverage right now is getting set. we're going to be broadcasting the blue cross broad street run. and we have a number of nbc 10
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personalities on the stage. racy davidson within bill henley. we also have a motorcycle team that is great that will be ahead of the elite runners. we have all aspects covered for you. you can see a number of runners. miling into their corrals. we are t-minus 18 minutes or so. we'll show you the route that the racer wills be on. once they leave this point, it is about five millions to city hall. and one of the best things about this race, is the number of
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different philadelphia neighborhoods you see. there is people and music along the way. the runners are being just now prepped. we're going to wrap now, we have a number of other things to tell you about at 8:00. >> live at the starting line, thank you for that, katie. we're getting very close to race time now, now under half an hour. our coverage begins at 8:00 and we will bring you all of the action from those starting guns to the finish lines. 7:35 right now on this sunday. president obama fires off some zingers at the white house correspondence dinner. >> donald trump could close guantanamo. he knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground.
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>> trump was not the only presidential contender being burned by the current president. how he took on the other candidates, democrats included.
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we are just about 20 minutes
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away. this is a live shot of the starting line. we will check in with our reporters and anchor that's are fanned out throughout the race route. >> let's talk about the comedian in cheer right now, president obama played that role last night, he fired off a number of jokes including this one about donald trump. >> he lacks the foreign policy experience. he has met with leaders from around the world. >> don't worry, he did not spare the democrats. he spots bernie sanders and he could not resist.
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bernie sanders, you look like a million bucks, or in terms you understand, 37,000 donations of $27 each. >> proceeds go to journalism scholarships and awards. pro labor rallies are scheduled for today. meanwhile, ted cruz got the endorsement of former california governor yesterday. he is hoping a win there could help cruz block trump from clinching the g.o.p. nomination. let's take a look at the republican count. this is where it stands right
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now. cruz is second with 564, john kasich is a distant third. for the democrats, hillary clinton has 2151 delegates, about 800 more than bernie sanders. clinton is less than 300 delegates away from securing the nomination. next, the streaking rain, some spots in the low 40s. also tracking a little warm up. lots of runners out there, lots of ponchos getting ready for that wet race. also tracking a warm up for you in just a few minutes.
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the blue cross broad street run is about 15 minutes away. the runner wills also have to battle the rain. the system that is hovering over
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our region, live just outside of the kimmel center, tim? >> i don't need the radar to tell me anything, but it will not ruin the day, it's not so bad today. for them it is okay, it will be a little cooler. they will just plow through either way. trying to keep on board the nbc 10 team. and we're all trying to stay warm. but i can tell you this, you're going to be very well hydrated today when you get to mile 6.2 because it is good for the nbc 10 crew, but you will have guys here handing you water and they only had to fill up the water about halfway so far because mother nature is going to do the rest. when you get here you will have
7:46 am
a big glass of half rainwater to drink. if you're trying to come to this area, broad street is still open at this point, in a little while, don't come anywhere near this area with a car because it will be tight down here. if you're coming out to the race, you will cheer just as hard. come to the kimmel center at broad street and spruce. there is cover here. you can cheer for your favorite runner here. if you have complaints about the weather, you can also come here because there is a meteorologist here. you can rip on them about this weather. sheena created it. >> go to glenn, not me. >> when you get to the finish line, you can say hi to glen and talk about the weather. you're looking at a night at
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the fights in philadelphia, local celebrities and public officials went toe to toe in the wring for a good cause. >> direct attorney seth williams and el chavez squared off. the judges gave the fight to el chavaz. >> last night, the phillies pull ben came through once again with the help of peter ordew. they're now four games over 500. they finish up their series with the indians this afternoon at the bank. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a soggy sunday.
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the rain is falling heavy in some spots. steady in most spots, and we're pretty cool, looking at temperatures in the 40s right now. as we go throughout the day, and temperatures not going very far. they will be around 52 degrees, 56 by 3:00. so temperatures this time of year will be around 59. we'll be well below that, about ten degrees below that. we'll keep it cool all throughout the afternoon. 47 in the lehigh valley. 49 at the jersey shore. we're off to a chilly start. you saw tina jumping out there trying to stay warm. that rain falling makes it feel even colder. washington township 45. so bundle up as you go out this
7:49 am
morning. current wind speed from 5 to 10 miles per hour. that will keep it chilly and damp throughout the day. rain across the area, close to philadelphia, it will take a little while to work through here. future weather, heavy rain falling in parts of the area. and as we go throughout the day, you will need the umbrella, it will be to the south and east. a little more spotty welcome periods of rain. lightning in some spots. a threat for showers tonight. don't put that umbrella away today. wednesday it looks like it will be for at least one more day.
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and at 11:00 it is 53 degrees. a chance for showers. this is your pick day for the week, keep it dry, mostly cloudy skies. by friday another chance for showers. friday we start to improve a bit. then we really warm it up on sunday. temperatures near 80 by tuesday with another round of showers. 7:50 right now on this sunday. we're counting down the minutes until the blue cross broad street run. at 8:00 we check in now with tracey. >> good morning. we are hearing "the
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star-spangled banner" being sung right now. runners are gathering in their corrals. the race is supposed to go off at 8:00. before it goes off, they let the wheelchair racers go a few minutes early but we're being told that could be slightly delayed because there is a group of wheelchaired athletes in the fan having a hard time getting to the starting line. we'll keep you posted on that. right now the rain is not dampenning the spirits here at all. what is it like there? >> hey, tracey, good morning on this rainy day. it has not stopped the excitement out here. we're at broad and allegheny. the rain may be refreshing, so is staying hydrated. these volunteers have been out
7:52 am
since about 5:30 this morning. spectators may be pacing themselves, but these two would not miss it. it is your eighth year? >> i love volunteering for the broad street run if is so overwhelming to see the support of people coming down. once you try it, you will want to do it every year. i don't care if it is rain, sleet, hail, snow, we would not miss it. >> also, waiting for the thumbs up basically, steering all of the draft and broad street locatio
7:53 am
locations, and we have seen some of the runners warming up. a community event that brings people together, our blue cross broad street run starts in just a few minutes. we'll look at the race route one more time after the break. we'll be right back.
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7:55 right now on this sunday. we're just a few minutes from the blue cross broad street run at 8:00. you and i ran this last year, what do you think being on this side of things this year? >> south philadelphia is ready for the broad street run. you see this section about mile eight, maybe a little more, has been shut down. you see more of the volunteers. they have 60 people out here to hand out gator aid and water. this is where people will need it. we'll be keeping track of it. >> thank you for that, jarge. >> we're checking in now with randy gyllenhaal. >> we're at 15th and market, the
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turning point of this race, the halfway opponent. we expect to see the elite runners come in around that curve about 10 minutes after the start of the race. they started to close some of the streets. right now some cars as you see them coming are still coming down broad street i'm told. we're expecting a lot of crowds and fans to cheer people on. so we're expecting crowds to get here soon. >> thank you for that, rap i did. you can see that steady rain coming down. they are running. i'm going to be going forward the finish line. and coverage with the blue cross broad street run begins in just
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a few minutes, enjoy it.
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broad street, the heart beat of our city. from north philly to the navy yard, broad has it all. the avenue of the arts, city haul, eagles, phillys, flyers, and sixers. philadelphia is one of a kind but the first sunday morning in may, broad street changes. the cars clear out, the street is silent, but only for a moment. thousands line the


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